Oaks Christian Online was built for students like yours,

Needing an online learning solution
to follow their pursuits.

Come join us; together we thrive.

Oaks Christian Online is designed to come alongside families and provide 100% online education solutions outside the traditional five day a week campus or homeschool experience.  This empowers families through choice and provides students with the ability to learn at the time and place that fits their lifestyle.

We provide a wide range of online learning solutions from single course college-prep, to full-time options that fit your student, your family, and your lifestyle.


Why Oaks Christian Online?

When selecting an online or blended learning program, distinctions matter. Part of Oaks Christian School since 2011, Oaks Christian Online understands the benefits of a traditional campus experience and combines that with online learning best practices.

Who we Are

Quality online programs don’t happen overnight. Oaks Christian Online provides excellence in education for students and families looking for a Christian, private, independent, college-prep online program. We have a track record of supporting students who pursue goals outside of academics, giving them the ability to name the time and place where they learn.


Oaks Christian Online provides rigorous, college-prep online courses and utilizes the talents of Christian Subject Matter Experts to write middle and high school courses inspired by the content, objectives, sequencing and quality of Oaks Christian School.

Spiritual Life

Our students love connecting with one another in online chapels, engaging with our Christian faculty, and participating in our spiritual life courses. We design all our online courses to exhibit theological engagement that enhances rather than jeopardizes the academic freedom of our educational institution.


Your student’s need is unique.
Let us help; together we thrive.