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JIMS (Jesus in Middle School) Syllabus

Course Introduction

The purpose of JIMS is to create a social and spiritual point of connection with one another and with the Spiritual Life Director at OCO.  This club will explore how Jesus is active in the lives of middle school students and how that can be a source of encouragement, challenge, and support through these formational years.  It will also provide a first step into the more comprehensive Spiritual Life program they will experience in high school. 

JIMS provides a safe gathering place for middle school students to experience the gospel in fun, accessible ways that give them space to consider basic and relevant faith topics such as prayer, the Trinity, friendship, peer pressure, belief, the Bible, and service.


This Required, Pass/No Pass, Year-Long, JIMS course serves three main purposes: 

  1. Create Community: JIMS is the social hub of the school where students can have some fun, build lifelong friendships, complete 20 hours of community service, and receive encouragement and guidance from the Spiritual Life Director.
  2. Explore the Christian Faith: These courses provide a safe space for all kinds of students to gather together to pursue Jesus Christ’s two greatest commandments: to love God and love our neighbor as ourselves.
  3. Pursue Identity Formation: this year of JIMS offers research-based opportunities to journey through adolescence in healthy and character building ways in preparation for life after high school.


  1. Weekly Live Chapel Sessions: Middle School students have a weekly gathering where they are able to hear guest speakers, experience the supportive relationship of the Spiritual Life Director, and explore worship, Bible study, and prayer. 
  2. In Course Work: Assignments offer students the chance to hear from dozens of Christian teachers, pastors, scientists, missionaries, leaders, and theologians about various faith topics so they can begin to build a collection of voices that can speak into their own faith journeys.
  3.  In Course Discussions: After each chapel, students connect with their own grade level in order to consider the chapel topics in a deeper way and relate the session to the larger theme for the year.
  4. Outside Events: Local in-person and virtual community service opportunities, spiritual retreats, Christian leadership trainings and student to student Bible studies are presented as options for students.

Course Overview:


Club Topic




“A Life Less Ordinary”


“Doing Things”


“The Birth of a King”


No club meeting.  Middle Schoolers are invited to attend the High School Spiritual Life Christmas Party


“God in a Body”


“Hope Through Darkness”


“Resurrected Living”




Short prayer meeting for finals/summer

Students will receive a welcome kit and letter in the mail and then will meet in Big Blue Button for 30 minutes and participate in discussions in Canvas

Grading Policy:

JIMS is a Pass/No Pass class.  To earn a “Pass,” the student must achieve a 70% or higher in the course.  Grades will be based on a point system with each assignment given a certain point value based on participation only.

Course Policies:

Proctored Final Exams

Grading Policy

Course Expectations

Weekly Live Classes

Additional School Policies

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