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Independent Study Physical Education Syllabus

Course Description

Welcome to the Independent Study Physical Education course. The purpose of this course is to meet the physical education requirements for high school graduation. Students need at least two semesters of this course in order to graduate. Oaks Christian Online meets all state and federal guidelines for encouraging students' physical health. Our mission, "to dedicate ourselves to Christ in the pursuit of academic excellence, artistic expression, and athletic distinction, while growing in knowledge and wisdom through God's abundant grace," shows our commitment to honoring God through athletic pursuits.

This is a 1 semester course. Upon successful completion students will receive 0.5 credit towards high school graduation.

Student Expectations

Students enrolled in this course are expected to complete 16 weeks of independent physical activity for 180 minutes per week, or 8 weeks of physical activity for 360 minutes per week.

  • Complete the Physical Education Credit Waiver Form for Sports. The purpose of this form is to inform students of the expectations of the activity and to provide instructor information and certification. Submission of the form does not guarantee acceptance of the activity chosen, but students who participate in a formal sport with a certified coach should choose this option. Completing this form does not exempt students from submitting weekly "PE Credit Form."  
  • Complete the Physical Education Credit Waiver Form for Life-long Fitness. The purpose of this form is to provide the expectations for working with a heart rate monitor. Any form of fitness such as walking, hiking, swimming, bike riding or working out will provide the weekly fitness information that will keep you healthy! Heart rate monitors and Flo Links are purchased at your own expense but are also yours to keep at the end of the course.
  • Complete 180 minutes of physical activity each week over 16 weeks or 360 minutes per week over 8 weeks.  Forms will be accepted up to 7 days after the Instructor's Signature or workout. Only 20 minutes per week can be made up on subsequent forms.  You must let the teacher know if you are completing the course in 8 or 16 weeks at the start of the course.

Grading Policy

This course is a Pass/Fail course.


Course Policies:

Proctored Final Exams

Grading Policy

Course Expectations

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