Course Technology

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  • High Speed Internet
  • Laptop Computer (Windows PC or Mac)
  • Webcam
  • Speakers
  • Microphone
  • Printer/Scanner
High-Speed Internet is recommended; dsl or satellite might work, but you may experience delays in submitting assignments, and could have trouble taking tests or watching live sessions. See the instructions about taking the speedtest if you have concerns about your internet provider and/or bandwidth. – Click ONLY on Go in the yellow circle, do not click on anything else on this page.

You will receive three numbers back 1) Ping, 2) Download, 3) Upload

Ping is the response time…smaller numbers indicate more rapid response time. Around 10 is fine.

  • Excellent Download >5 mbps and Upload > 2 mbps
  • Acceptable Download 2-5 mbps and Upload 1-2 mbps
  • Caution Download <2 mbps and Upload <1 mbps

Firefox and Chrome are the browsers we recommend for the best experience. If you are experiencing issues, we will recommend you try using one of these browsers as a first step.

Firefox Download:

Chrome Download:

Issues are almost always easily fixed by trying just a few simple steps. We will always recommend these steps and verify they have been completed before we move into more advanced troubleshooting, so be sure to let us know if you’ve already tried these when submitting a ticket.

1) Clear Browser Cache

2) Try a different browser – Alternate between Firefox and Chrome after clearing your cache to see if that fixes the issue

3) Reboot – Shutdown and restart your computer

If none of these steps work, then submit a ticket and we’ll be happy to help!

Getting Help
There used to be a process that required logging into canvas to submit a ticket and checking your email for a response.

Now, it’s easier than ever! You just send us an email to “” and be sure to include as many details as possible when you send the email for the fastest response.

Examples of helpful details: The more information we have, the easier it is for us to help quickly!

  • Name
  • Class/Module
  • URL or link
  • Screenshots

Once we receive your ticket, we will typically respond within 24 hours during the business week, however busy times and holidays might result in a bit slower response time so please keep that in mind.

Please note: The response will come to the email address that you sent the email from.

For classes and to help in troubleshooting, you may be asked to submit a screenshot or video of you performing a task. We recommend Jing (free) as a program you can use to do this if you are unfamiliar with how this process works. You can download Jing for free here: and there are free tutorials that will help you learn how to quickly and easily learn to leverage this powerful tool.

In your courses, you will be asked to submit your work. For each assignment you will see what type of submission is accepted. If you see that a text entry box OR a file upload are allowed, you must only pick ONE of the submission types for it to save and accept. Take that OR very seriously! If you put both words in the text entry box AND a file upload, it will only save and show you submitted one.

In some cases, you may be asked to submit multiple items, but only see the “text entry” submission type. In that case, you may need to upload file types to office365 (or similar web-based storage like google drive), ensure permissions are set correctly, then share the link to view in the text area, so that your teacher can access the file for review, grading, and feedback.