Oaks Christian Online Learning Academy

Final Assessments

Final assessments count as 25% of the course final grade. Most courses include a study guide and instructors provide guidance at the end of the semester. Two types of final assessments exist in OC Online courses, unproctored and proctored.

Authentic Assessments (Not Proctored)

Unproctored final exams in OC Online courses consist of essays or longer projects to evaluate entire course learning. Some of these projects include several parts or pieces that combined will make up the 25% Final Exam category. You should expect to work several hours over multiple days or even weeks on these projects to demonstrate mastery of the topics covered during the semester.

Proctored Final Assessment

Proctored final exams are two hours long and proctored through ProctorU, also accessible within Canvas. ProctorU is a live online proctoring service that allows students to take their exams from home. ProctorU is available 24/7; however, students need to schedule the session 72 hours in advance to avoid additional on-demand scheduling fees that are the family’s responsibility to pay.

Notes about using ProctorU

  • Identity verification will be needed through a photo ID, school ID, or parent ID.
  • Permitted resources are specified in the course.
  • The password is entered by a ProctorU or school official.
  • In order to use ProctorU, students need high-speed internet connection, webcam, Windows or Macintosh operating system, and an approved ID.
  • ProctorU recommends Testing Your Equipment page prior to the exam.
  • Current version of the Chrome Browser is required and you will be required to download the ProctorU Chrome extension.
  • The proctored exam startup process will take between 1-15 minutes, so please allow adequate setup time. This process will not impact exam time.
  • Direct questions to the student support team via the live chat with a student’s ProctorU account.