Oaks Christian Online Learning Academy

Grading Policy

While OC Online allows students to work at their own paces on a weekly basis, there are expectations regarding due dates and continual student progress. OC Online has a late/missing assignment policy that allows students to work a flexible schedule within the course structure while still maintaining academic integrity, comprehension of the material, and effective time management.

  • Assignments have due dates assigned by the teacher at the start of the course and posted within the course. Due dates are almost always Friday night for planning and consistency.
  • Assignments not submitted by the due date will be considered late. A grade of 0 (zero) will be entered in the grade book until the assignment is submitted and graded.
  • Assignments turned in after the due date will receive a penalty of 1% per day for up to 15 days. Assignments submitted after 30 days will receive the maximum 15% penalty.
  • Students are not permitted to submit assignment placeholders unless the teacher or school administration has granted prior approval in the form of a submission comment on the course assignment.
  • Course instructors may allow students to resubmit an assignment, excluding quizzes and tests, for additional credit in the form of a submission comment on the course assignment. Please check with the instructor, in advance, on his or her resubmission policy. If permitted by the course instructor, updated assignments must be resubmitted within 7 days of the assignment’s initial grade being posted. Any initial late penalty on the original submission will remain but not increase during this 7-day window. No assignments may be resubmitted 7 days past the original grading date.
  • ALL assignments must be submitted by the posted close of course date/time. If assignments are not submitted by the close of the course, they will receive a zero and are not eligible for late submission.