Oaks Christian Online Learning Academy

Course Expectations

Participation and Student Expectations. OC Online creates courses to be meaningful and encourage learning. Student engagement is measured through weekly live class attendance and assignments, reflections throughout the semester, collaboration assignments, and responding to teacher feedback.

Reflection assignments are opportunities for you to connect with your teacher about your progress in the course, share successes and challenges, and provide feedback on what you’re learning. In addition to the opportunity to reflect on your progress, participation assignments evaluate your Teacher and Course Engagement.

Participation assignments are required for the weekly live classes whether students attend live or watch the recordings.

Students are expected to engage with classmates by logging into course multiple times (4+) per week, revisiting discussion posts and contributing to ongoing discussions, using peer names when addressing points in posts and in live classes, restating others’ ideas in summation to demonstrate understanding during live classes or in posts, consciously establishing a relationship between the student’s contribution and the peer’s (e.g., “I disagree with your claim that Dimmesdale is a fraudulent character; I would argue instead that he is merely human . . .”).

Students are expected to engage with course content by sending questions to the instructor about answers missed on quizzes or tests, following up on poor test performance, seeking options to revise or resubmit work for greater mastery, taking advantage of “Check Yourself” components of the course, attending live classes, participating during class by being prepared (having completed assignments prior to meeting), having course material on hand, viewing the recorded class promptly if missed and demonstrating an understanding of the content after watching the recording, and logging into the course multiple times (4+) per week.

Students are expected to engage with the instructor by responding to teacher feedback which lets the teacher know that the student did indeed see the comments, emailing or messaging the teacher with questions to show that the student is actively moving through the course, raising questions about answers missed in order to receive more specific and individualized instruction, scheduling extra help as needed, and responding to teacher emails or phone calls to confirm that the correspondence has been received.