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Mission Statement: To facilitate the successful navigation of the college preparation, exploration admissions process for students and their families, with deliberate focus on fulfilling God’s call to live a life of purpose.



What Colleges Want (9th or 10th grade)

This introductory course helps students understand how college admission offices evaluate applicants.  This class helps the student set personal goals for high school course selection, performance in those classes, testing and extra-curricular activities.

Understanding College Choices (10th or 11th grade)

Students learn about the various types of colleges beyond what they might expect or know.  The course helps students determine the best fit for them.

College Application Strategy (11th or 12th grade)

Students put together a list of 6-10 colleges and a timeline for application submissions after learning what makes a balanced list, who colleges recruit, and what application options exist.

College Application Writing (11th or 12th grade)

This course walks students through the writing process, generating multiple drafts that can be modified to fit the Common Application prompt, UC applications and other college essay requirements.

College Test Prep (11th or 12th grade)

Test prep experts guide students through SAT or ACT preparation.  Though most effective if taken in the fall of 11th grade, this course can be adapted to students’ needs.

Finishing Strong (12th grade)

Students are guided step by step through the college application process, finalizing testing, and submission of important documents for each college they are applying to.

Paying for College (11th or 12th grade)

Students learn about the different types of financial aid available and complete a scholarship search.

Athletic Recruiting (9th, 10th or 11th grade)

This course helps students understand the recruiting process and NCAA eligibility.  Students create an athletic resume, cover letter and list of schools and coaches to contact.

Visual and Performing Arts (9th, 10th or 11th grade)

This course helps students understand differences in Fine Arts and Bachelor of Arts degrees, whether to attend an art school or university, how to create a portfolio and prepare for auditions, and much more!