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"Let's Talk College"

Let's Talk College is a monthly meeting for parents of students in all grade levels. Each month we address topics that pertain to a variety of aspects important to the college admission process. Potential topics include: testing, athletic recruiting, summer programs, financial aid, scholarships, and visual and performing arts to name a few. From time to time additional programs will be added to the monthly gatherings for age specific information. Examples of these are "Starting Strong" for 9th grade families and "The Stress of the Senior Year," Avoiding Senioritis" and "Letting Go" for 12th grade families. These events are conducted by the Oaks Christian Online counseling staff as well as college admission professionals throughout the country.

This program has been developed for 10th grade students and their parents and provides an introduction to the college process. A recorded session of this program will be made available to all parents featuring a nationally recognized expert in the field of college admissions.

College Visits

Throughout the school year students are invited to tour various local colleges as well as take trips up to a week-long visiting a number of schools. In addition, our college counseling department provides opportunities to connect with colleges online by organizing online webinars for our own local and out of state students.

“College Knowledge Night”

This program has been developed for 11th grade students and their parents and is an evening of workshops taught by admissions professionals on a variety of topics pertinent to the college search and application process. Recordings of select topics will be made available to all parents.

National College Fairs

Students will be informed and encouraged to attend a variety of national college fairs held in their local areas. These fairs are sponsored by NACAC and NACCAP.

Explore, Plan and PSAT Testing

In order to help our students determine which of the college entrance exams is the best option for them, we provide multiple opportunities for each student to take “practice” exams in the 9th, 10th and 11th grades. This allows students to focus and prepare for the test format on which they will likely be the most successful. The counselor will work with students to find applicable testing sites in their local area.

Case Studies.

This program for 11th grade students and parents gives insight into the nuances of the college admissions process.