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Blended Learning Solutions

Every school across the country finds themselves having conversations they never imagined. How can we serve our students when our ability to “do school” has drastically changed? Plans for the fall are brainstorming sessions with plans A, B, C, and D in the works. Some of us have been able to pivot to remote learning more easily than others, but in the long run, how sustainable are current solutions?  

Every option must be on the table, but the truth is that as private, Christian schools, our options may be limited. We are still driven by what our families are willing to pay for. We all had to think on the fly in the moment, but now you have just a couple months to think about future long-term plans.

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We know you’re carrying the weight of rethinking education. Let us share that burden with you because together we thrive.

Ways We’ve Helped Other Partner Schools 

COVID-19 Solutions
Partner schools continue to reach out as they navigate a challenging return to school for the 20-21 school year. Whether they want to host particular course sections with us or individual students who need to be fully remote for various reasons, we can provide that support. We can help you serve your students during this crisis.
Course Fresh Start

Do you have students who could truly benefit from a semester reboot? A second chance in on online course allows students to restart course material and focus on skills if they’ve fallen behind in their physical campus course. We have successfully launched late start sections, particularly in math, for students whose first quarter performance placed them in jeopardy of completing the course.

ASL Teacher Leaves Remote Location 
One of our partner schools reached out to our program when their full-time American Sign Language teacher retired. Being in a remote location, the school could not hire an instructor to continue their thriving American Sign Language program. With one of the only accredited and approved high school American Sign Language programs, we were a great fit for their students. We created unique sections for just their students.
Foreign Language Offerings

With core subjects in high demand, it can be challenging to offer a full array of accredited and approved foreign language, or Language Other than English, courses for your physical campus students to meet graduation requirements. We successfully provided a foreign language alternative for a school struggling to offer multiple languages. With three years of American Sign Language and Latin, and four years of French, Spanish, and Chinese, our program can help you expand your course catalog. 

K-8 Wants to Expand to HS

For a private K-8 school, the dream of starting a high school program seemed daunting until they realized our program could provide the teachers and platform their future students needed. Let us help you pursue your goals of offering a college-prep, Christian high school. 

Unique Student Pursuits

Schools have students with many unique needs who find they need a fully remote learning solution for a time period. Rather than that student leaving your community and campus, we have schools who retain those students by having us provide their courses. These students may live at a distance from the physical campus, have medical needs that require them to stay home, be international students that cannot travel, or have other pursuits that make attending classes on campus restrictive. We partner with you, the student, and the family, providing an experience, platform, and support they need while ensuring they remain part of your community.