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In the spring of each school year, most public and private schools will administer standardized testing for each grade level (STAR, SAT, ERB). These tests are conducted to determine how well a school and their students are doing academically and how they compare to other schools in the same city, county or state.

These tests are one measure of a student’s math and English skills based on their grade level and the results will provide admissions information in conjunction with the student’s GPA and the rigor of courses he has attempted to determine his academic potential.

Standardized testing scores, along with school transcripts, should be requested from the student’s current school on the Release of Applicant Transcript Form and forwarded to OCO. Using the OCO fax number of 818-302-2425 is the fastest way to make sure the required documents become part of the student record.

If a student is currently being homeschooled or has not had the opportunity to take a standardized test that will evaluate their math and English skills, please contact the school at or call 1-855-462-6257. Arrangements will be made to have the parent proctor an SAT test through Pearson Educational Assessments online. There is a $90 fee to complete this testing.

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