Oaks Christian Online School

A Christian, Independent, College-preparatory Online School and Founder of the Online Christian Consortium

Full-Time Online Christian High School Students

Full-Time Online Students take 5-6 core online high school courses as well as their yearly College Counseling and Spiritual Life courses and receive a diploma from Oaks Christian Online School when they meet the graduation requirements. Full-time students follow a traditional school year calendar and have these additional benefits:

  • A-Team for student support
  • Clubs, field trips, activities
  • College visits and counseling
  • Community service, missions and chapels
  • Payment plan options

Part-Time Online Christian High School Students

Part-Time Online Students can take one or more online high school courses for credit from anywhere in the world. Part-time students take online courses for many reasons, including: credit recovery, enrichment, remediation, supplementing home-schooling or traditional course load, AP course offering and many other reasons. Courses are offered during the following terms: Summer, Fall, Spring.

Note: Part-time students should check with their current school’s counseling department to verify that OCO courses will be accepted for their diploma and by any future colleges they may attend.

Note to Oaks Christian school main campus students: a limited number of individual courses are offered to main campus students for remediation,enrichment or graduation credit. Check with your college counselor or academic dean to see if you qualify.

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