Oaks Christian Online School

A Christian, Independent, College-preparatory Online School and Founder of the Online Christian Consortium

To dedicate ourselves to Christ in the pursuit of academic excellence, artistic expression, and athletic distinction, while growing in knowledge and wisdom through God’s abundant grace.

OCO fulfills its mission through the achievements of talented students who live out the mission distinctives of the school. Thus the school is seeking students interested in a Christian-based program, who are high achievers academically as well as in the arts and/or in their individual athletic pursuits.

Our Motto:

"Preparing minds for leadership and hearts for service"

OCO students will have opportunities to develop leadership through online leadership development classes and clubs. It is our belief that the love for service is caught, not just taught. Thus we will be providing service requirements that will lead students to develop a heart to serve others.

Core Values:

Christ-Centered. We’re Christ-centered in everything we do, say and teach.

Biblical Worldview. We teach and lead from Biblical truth, equipping students accordingly.

Spiritual Growth. We embrace every OCO student with the welcoming love of Jesus Christ, inviting and encouraging them towards spiritual growth through dynamically integrated programs, activities and curriculum.

Our School:

Excellence & Achievement . We believe that excellence honors God and inspires people, thus we prepare students to achieve at their highest potential.

Character and Citizenship . Honorable character and citizenship are the responsibilities of OCO students and a lofty aspiration for their futures.

Future Leadership . OCO students are equipped with the mental, physical, social and spiritual competencies necessary to become humble stewards of their God-given gifts and talents.

Educational Challenge . We require thorough preparation and consistent execution in all schoolwork and OCO activities and assignments.

Nurturing Environment . In the midst of significant challenge and high standards, every student experiences the love of God and the importance of being one of His children.

Lifelong Learning : Comprehensive knowledge and critical thought will become hallmarks of the well-read and confident alumni of OCOS, who develop knowledge, wisdom, and conversational intelligence that go well beyond high test scores and grade point averages.

Statement of Faith:

1. WE BELIEVE the Bible to be the inspired and only infallible word of God.

2. WE BELIEVE that there is only one God, eternally existent in three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

3. WE BELIEVE that Mankind was created good, but lost the hope of life eternal, destroyed his communion with God, and fell under the bondage of sin and death by rebelling against God’s perfect way of life.

4. WE BELIEVE that Jesus Christ is God’s eternal Son, who redeemed mankind. As true God and true man, He was born of a virgin through the Holy Spirit, taught men how to live through His sinless life, took the consequences of our sin upon Himself in His passion and death upon the Cross, arose bodily from the dead on the third day after His death, was seen by His disciples, ascended to the right hand of the Father and will return in power and glory.

5. WE BELIEVE that all are sinners, that all are called to repentance and faith in Jesus Christ, that no one can come to the Father, except through Jesus Christ and that no one can come to faith in Christ, repent and attain holiness, but by the grace of God.

6. WE BELIEVE that the Holy Spirit is freely given to those that believe in Jesus Christ, that the fruits and benefits of Christ’s redemption are applied to us individually by the Holy Spirit, and that the Holy Spirit lives in us and enables us to live godly lives.

7. WE BELIEVE that at the end of the age there will be two resurrections: one to eternal life and glory, the other to eternal condemnation.

8. All teaching and activity shall be administered by Christians and done with a Christian world view.

Oaks Christian School is a non-denominational Christian school and as such religion will be taught in a way that would be supported by students' local churches. Oaks Christian School does not endeavor to teach theology such that conflict between church and school is created.