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Student actress Cambrie Schroder, daughter of actor Richard (Ricky) Schroder, attends Oaks Christian School in Westlake Village, CA, but wants to complete the last half of her senior year by travelling through Spain and England pursuing her love of business.

Cambrie plans to take business classes at Esade Business School in Barcelona while perfecting her Spanish. She also hopes to study design and business in London, but plans to be back to graduate with her class in the spring of 2015. She says, “Last year was the best year of my life to explore. I co-created a performance dance team and worked for Dole Nutrition with social media. Balancing my course load with main campus and Oaks Christian Online High School (OCO) classes allowed my schedule to not be too crazy.”

Cambrie has acted in such movies as “Our Wild Hearts” with her father on the Hallmark Channel. Her family has also been together while doing charity work in Cambodia, Guatemala, Costa Rica and Nicaragua. They even spent a year together in Spain. Cambrie has found that taking a blend of Oaks Christian’s main campus and accredited online classes, has helped her manage her acting, travel and other passions. She believes that taking online high school.

High school courses and pursuing other interests will enhance her opportunities with top-tier universities. She says, “I am structured and organized, just like the OCO courses, and I can work ahead to accommodate my travel. I do most of my business work remotely, and this way of doing school is preparing me for that world. I have stepped out of the typical high school experience and have developed other character traits and versatile life experiences. I have taken a balance of online and main campus classes for the last three years, and I’m a huge advocate of the Oaks Christian Online; I’m even more excited than ever for this school year.”

The main campus of Oaks Christian School in Westlake Village, CA opened in the fall of 2000 and Oaks Christian Online (OCO) opened for full-time, online students in the fall of 2011. One of the nation's finest accredited online schools, Oaks Christian Online High School provides a rigorous, NCAA approved, college-preparatory education for high school students all around the world in a Christian environment. Oaks Christian Online continues to enroll part-time and full-time students throughout the school year and regularly hosts information sessions on its main campus – 31749 La Tienda Drive, Westlake Village, CA 91362, as well as virtual information sessions for prospective student families. Interested students can visit the website https://www.oakschristianonline.org/ to R.S.V.P.

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