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Oaks Christian High School Sophomore Annika Dupuis is working with Brotheryn Studios to record and produce music. She has recently released ‘Goldfish Tank’ and ‘Ashes of What I Knew’ on iTunes and announced this week that a third song, ‘You Don’t Owe Me’, will be released in December. This latest song was inspired by a popular Persian poem, ‘The Sun Never Says’. Brotheryn Studios is based in Ojai California, and Annika is one of the younger writers working with producer Todd Hannigan and music scorer Jason Mirani, who has also won a Grammy for his work with Mumford and Sons. Annika writes the lyrics and music as well as adding piano and vocals, and her dad, the owner of a graphic design business, creates the music cover art work. Annika has been writing lyrics since she was 8 and playing the piano and singing since 9. She has won 2 awards for lyrics through the Alliance for Young Artists and Writers – Scholastic Art and Writing Awards, as well as earning poetry and photography awards and publication. Annika’s songs often reflect events in her life, but she tries to create lyrics that everyone can relate to in their own life.

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