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Oaks Christian Online Sophomore Coleman Beltrami, son of Academy Award-nominated film composer Marco Beltrami, has written a short-length film that will cast in the next few weeks and that he will direct in December. The film is set in the near future and features the main character’s journey through a world where medicines have the potential to cure all known psychological disorders. Once completed, Coleman plans to submit the short film to festivals and have it serve as an example of his work. He has also written a feature-length script that he hopes to shoot next that involves a 22 year-old, American college student finding elusive happiness in the midst of a hijacking to South Africa. Coleman finds the inspiration for his scripts while writing at his dad’s Pianella Studio in Malibu, CA. Coleman says, “I’ve had a chance to listen and talk to directors who have worked with my dad and given me inspiration. I don’t think I would have this interest for film, if it weren’t for my dad.

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