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The Online Christian Consortium, a leadership organization of schools committed to Christian, college-preparatory online programs, extends an invitation to other Christ-based schools to join its coalition. The Consortium's Partner Schools will benefit from sharing specialized online curriculum, best practices and other resources.

In 2010, Oaks Christian School founded Oaks Christian Online (OCO) in an effort to offer students a flexible, fully online, Christian, college-preparatory education. Having developed an NCAA approved and UC approved curriculum, OCO's high school program is one of the best in the country. As a recognized leader in online learning, OCO became the founding Partner School of the Online Christian Consortium (OCC). The Consortium provides a fully accredited online program to its member schools including curriculum and professional development opportunities, as well as best practices.

Founding Board Member Kris Thabit states, "We have six years of real experience in running an online program and how it relates to brick and mortar students. We also have a deep understanding of the challenges of starting your own online program. If you are considering providing your middle or high school students with an online program, you should consider the Online Christian Consortium first."

VP of Operations and Curriculum Development at OCO, Dr. Christy Cleugh, talks about the advantages of sharing OCO's online resources through the Consortium, "Our courses provide a rigorous, NCAA approved, college-preparatory education in a Christian environment. It makes sense to share our curriculum with other Christian schools which may not have the in-house resources to develop their own online program. We can provide the industry expertise and platform to help other schools launch a high-caliber program without having all the direct costs."

OCC endeavors to create top-tier, Christian content that prepares students for success in college and fosters critical thinking and a love for learning in a Christian environment. The organization's vision is that its courses provide an education that uplifts, transforms and inspires students around the world. For more information on The Online Christian Consortium, please visit:https://www.onlinechristianconsortium.org/.


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