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Oaks Christian launched in January its first OCO School Profile for the graduating class of 2014. The annual document highlights the school’s mission and program as well as classes offered online, graduation requirements and statistics for the graduating class of 2014. The School Profile shows Advanced Placement (AP) pass rates, average college placement testing scores and college admissions results specifically for the current graduating class. This document is used by college admissions counselors around the country to better characterize the rigor of the online high school courses, the abilities of its high school graduates and the success of its program in preparing students for college. The purpose of the college-preparatory, accredited online high school is to successfully bring the mission and reputation of the acclaimed Oaks Christian School main campus in Westlake Village, CA, to students outside its campus. With 100% of OCO graduates accepted to a four-year college, OCO and its School Profile reflect how well the online school has accomplished that mission.

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