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Alex Howell lives in T'bilisi, Georgia, but has started the second semester of his sophomore year with Oaks Christian Online. He is originally from Nokesville, Virginia, but has been living in the capital of Georgia for 8 months while his dad serves as a contractor for the Georgian armed forces. Alex’s father served in the Army for 30 years, and other international posts for the family have included South Korea and Germany. This region of Georgia is famous for its view of Mt. Kazbek in the Caucasus range, and Alex likens the weather to Washington D.C. He has picked up some of the local language, Kartuli, and knows enough to be able to use the city’s excellent public transit system, while visiting friends he has made at his local church, the T’bilisi International Fellowship. Alex decided to travel abroad with his family for more adventure, and says, “I like the different views on life that I find in other countries.