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How an independent student at San Antonio Christian School encountered purpose in her OC Online ASL Course

In addition to full time students and blended students, there is a third group of students we have the chance to serve at OC Online called “independent students”.  These are students who are happily fully immersed in their own local brick and mortar school and are simply seeking a supplementary online course.

Recently we had the chance to sit down with Rylee, an independent student from San Antonio Christian School, who decided to take American Sign Language (ASL) at OC Online.  Through learning this language, getting to know a devoted online teacher, and going on a mission trip, she discerned in her relationship with God that her ministry and service in the world is going to include ASL. 

You can hear a firsthand account of her experience taking this course and the role it played in her sense of calling here in this video: Rylee’s ASL Experience

shalombloginternalpicKristen Nusbaum, Rylee’s ASL teacher, describes Rylee as “a natural signer” whose “expressive and receptive American Sign Language skills were immediately notable.”  Nusbaum herself came into this language through growing up in San Luis Obispo, CA around Deaf and hard of hearing friends and neighbors.  Now she is able to share this “favored language” of hers with students from around the world because of the online program—including independent students like Rylee.

If you are interested in learning ASL, or enrolling in any of our online courses, please reach out to us for enrollment options: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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