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(2019-2020 School Year)

One of the most interesting elements of online learning is the ability to balance flexibility and structure in how we experience the school year. This fall we are launching a new late policy that should leave space for when students need a little extra time, while still maintaining a high level of accountability, so they are motivated to get back on track as soon as possible.

Updated Fall 2019 Late/Resubmission Policy

On the date an assignment is due, if it has not been submitted by 11:59pm PST it will receive a 0 immediately. The student is still able to turn in that assignment for a 1% penalty per day, up to 30 days. After 30 days, the assignment may still be submitted before the course closes but will earn a 30% penalty. Students falling this far behind will find it challenging to reclaim pace.

Additionally, students interested in improving their submission may, with teacher permission, resubmit an assignment within 7 days of the teacher grading the original assignment. That said, if an original submission was late, the late policy is still irrevocable; students will not be able to resubmit to eradicate the percentage lost due to lateness.


Sofia has an assignment worth 20 points due November 5.
On November 5 she receives a 0 when she doesn’t turn in the assignment.
On November 10, she submits the assignment and merits an 85% (17/20). Because her submission was 5 days late her work receives a 5% penalty, so her grade on this assignment is recorded as 80% (16/20). NOTE: With teacher approval, she may resubmit the assignment for more points, but the 5% penalty is permanent.

Students with anticipated absences or unexpected illness can still plan around their schedules by reaching out to OC Online administration for adjustments. Our goal at OC Online is to provide the best environment for online learning and student success, and we are confident these improvements to our late policy move us closer to that goal.

Please reach out with comments, questions, or feedback. We look forward to a great school year!



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