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  • College Preparatory Curriculum
  • AP & Honors Courses
  • 4 Years of College Counseling
  • NCAA and UC Accredited Courses
  • Flexible, Convenient Schedule
  • Spiritual Life & Christian Teachers
  • Affordable World-Class Education
  • Accredited High School Diploma Online


There are many reasons why families today are choosing to have their children study at an online Christian high school. Some families want the flexibility to pursue travel and outside passions, some have homeschoolers interested in expanding and diversifying their coursework, and others are concerned about their local school environment, safety or bullying.

Studying at an accredited online high school gives students who need a little more time to master assignments the flexibility of self-pacing, and it gives others who are gifted and want to work ahead the opportunity to accelerate. Premier athletes and entertainers have found homes in online Christian high schools all across the nation, as have many missionary families and homeschoolers. There are also families that want their children to jump-start their college education and reduce college tuition costs by taking dual-enrollment courses. Whatever the reason, there are more than 1.5 million U.S. students being educated online high schools today, and it always comes down to one thing – the student.

At Oaks Christian Online in Southern California, students study college preparatory courses at home, at their own pace, and with a flexible schedule. Online high school students work one-on-one with engaging, committed Christian teachers, enjoy a wide selection of college preparatory courses, four years of college counseling and spiritual life activities, courses, and chapels.

All courses at OCO accredited online high school are taught from a Christian worldview and have been developed to foster critical thinking skills and personal responsibility with high expectations for academic achievement and intellectual growth. Our online high school students are college-bound, diploma-seeking, serious learners who want the flexibility and convenience of studying online at an online Christian high school. Our objective is to do what is right for each individual student and develop a lifelong love of learning, personal integrity and an abiding faith in Christ.

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