Oaks Christian Online

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Launched in the fall of 2011, Oaks Christian Online provides a private, Christian, college preparatory program without geographic limitations. Oaks Christian School, a private, independent, college preparatory school located in the beautiful, suburban city of Westlake Village, CA (40 miles northwest of Los Angeles) founded OC Online, understanding the growing trend of online education. OC Online brings standards of excellence in online Christian education while training "minds for leadership and hearts for service."

Part-Time Online

Part-Time Students from public, private, or home schools can take one or more courses from anywhere in the world for credit recovery, enrichment, remediation, college counseling guidance, or AP offerings.

Note: Part-time students should check with their school’s counseling department to verify that OC Online courses will be accepted for their diploma and colleges they may attend.

Full-Time Online (Grades 6-12)

Full-Time Online Students take 5-6 core courses, receive a diploma, spiritual life and college counseling guidance, and much more.